How to Set Up Your Forex Robot

So you have decided to “hire” a forex robot to do the trading in your behalf. However, the problem is, how are you going to deploy it exactly? If you are clueless about it, here is an easy step-by-step guide on how the deployment procedure works. Of course, there are various methods you can choose in setting up your Forex system. One is the option of running the software on your personal computer, which will need you to leave your PC on for 24 hours each day, connected to the Internet. Or, you may choose to set up your robot in a Virtual Private Server or VPS, where it will work nonstop even when your PC is already off.

Running a Forex robot on your computer.

The software used for Foreign exchange trading can be pretty intricate and complicated. Many components may need to be installed first before you can eventually start trading. In order to save you some trouble downloading and installing the programs yourself, you may opt to choose hiring a website which offers robot installation for a nominal charge. By using a piece of software and a secure connection like LogMeIn, a technician will connect to your computer, and set up your system for Forex trading in your behalf. Once it’s done, you’re good to go.
Running a Forex robot on a VPS.

forex robot

The websites that offer to install robot in others’ behalf may also offer the option of getting your robot set up from a VPS. First, you will have to acquire a VPS. Then, you have to provide the technician with the details of your VPS. He or she will configure your robot with your chosen VPS. After doing so, you can start and stop your robot whenever you want to. You can make it work even when your pc is off. You can also alter its technical parameters and set it up with a new set of working criteria. It’s all yours to do.

forex robot


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